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About Us

Keish's Origin Story

Every one of you might be wondering, why Keish?
So here’s why,

K- Komal’s
E- Eco-Friendly
I- India-Made
S- Skincare &
H- Hair care Products

Keish is a homegrown brand that is all about breaking the unrealistic beauty standards. We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Being real and true to oneself’s body is what Keish focuses on. How you feel on the inside is what shows on the outside.

Keish’s origin is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat since December,2020. All products are made in small batches and are completely handmade. We are currently having a global presence in Africa, Belgium and India.

A word from Komal

I would just like to say, to me Keish isn’t just a brand name, its my baby. I’ve poured a ton of hardwork and efforts in building Keish but now when I look back, it all seems worth it. Working two shifts a day to make sure before I started my company I would know how to sustain it, finally having enough courage to quit that full time job, taking that first risk of investing in Keish, would definitely seem like an easy choice now. Recieving good customer feedback and hearing stories of how my products have helped with an issue they had been facing is one of the best feelings in the world, that’s why I started Keish. I figured that if I’m so frustated with just my acne issues, there might be so many people out there who haven’t found the right products for their skin or hair yet. That was the main inspiration behind Keish. So with everything that I learnt while doing Bachelor of Pharmacy and a few hair care and skin care courses I took, I decided to start Keish.

Our vision

Keish to be a globally recognized company inspiring people to feel confident with their skin and hair everyday.

Our Mission

For people to realize that hair care is just as importan as skin care. To provide consumers safe, natural, good quality, effective, economical hair & skin care products.

Our Strategy

We are consantly working on producing products with different formulas so each one you can find what suits you best. Finding the perfect products that suit your body is a whole journey that might even include a few mishaps. We are here to hop in with you on that journey with our homegrown, herbal and cruelty free products that might prevent those mishaps from happening. Every single one you is now a part of our Keish family, you can trust us with your skin.