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Coffee Walnut & Apricot Scrub

Tan & Dead Skin Removal
Reduces Cellulite | Repairs UV Damage

Even Tones and Reduces tan
Reduces Cellulite and Ingrown hair
Exfoliates and Polishes skin
Nourishes and moisturizes skin

467.00 inc. GST

French Charcoal Clay Cream Mask

Tightens Pores
Detoxifies & Clarifies Skin
Removes Sebum & Deep Cleanses Your Skin
Reduces Pore size & Tightens skin
Reduces Acne & Inflammation
Gently Exfoliates & Eliminates Dirt & Toxins
Removes dead Skin & Excess Oil
Clears White & Blackheads.

500.00 inc. GST

French Green Clay Cream Mask

Acne Defence
Firms & Purifies Skin
Evens out Skin Tone & Reduces hyperpigmentation
Removes Toxin & controls excess oil
Anti Acne & Anti Inflammatory
Makes Skin Soft & Refreshed
Revives Sun & pollution damaged skin
Reduces Pore Size, Firms & tightens sagging Skin

500.00 inc. GST

French Pink Clay Cream Mask

Revives Glow
Supple & Radiant Skin
Improves Skin Elasticity & Rejuvenates Skin
Makes Skin Supple & Younger looking
Promotes Radiance & Balanced Complexion
Improves Sun-damaged Skin, Softens & Refreshes
Keeps Skin’s natural oils balanced

500.00 inc. GST

Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

Glow & Polish
Imparts Radiance | Rejuvenates Skin Cells
Rejuvenates Dull, Dry Skin
Increases Blood Circulation
Exfoliates and Polishes skin
Nourishes and moisturizes skin

449.00 inc. GST

Moroccan Argan Oil “THE LIQUID GOLD”

100% Natural | No preservatives |
Not Tested on Animals


Skin, Hair, Nails, Lips, Cracked Heels & Eye Lashes


Heals Stretch Marks, Reduces breakage & Split ends, Regulates Sebum, Suits all skin and hair types, lightweight, non-comedogenic

380.00 inc. GST

Pure Aloe Vera Gel THE MIRACLE GEL

A multipurpose gel which can be used on All Skin & Hair types

100% Natural | Not Tested on Animals


Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties heal wounds, itchiness and swelling on the skin and scalp,
makes skin soft and supple,
makes hair lustrous and frizz-free,
lightweight, non-comedogenic.

360.00 inc. GST

Royal Ubtan

100% Natural & Organic
Kesar Chandan Gulab Brightening Face & Body Pack
Imparts Glow & Radiance, Fights Acne, Reduces Pigmentation
This power-packed ubtan is made with grandma’s secret skin brightening recipe with herbal ingredients that suits all skin types even the most sensitive skin. Our Royal Ubtan is made from Kesar, Multani mitti, Rose Petal Powder, and Sukhad (sandalwood) that removes tan & soothes dull skin. Our Royal Ubtan enhances your skin tone and lightens the skin
by reducing the dark spots and aids in removing excess sebum and pimples. It is crafted with ingredients that work deep within your skin to improve the complexion naturally. The powdered blend of herbs provides freshness to the skin and fights all skin concerns such as
dark spots, acne, and pigmentation while making the face firm and the skin radiant. Suits best for removing sun tan.

400.00 inc. GST


Hybrid Gel Sunscreen with SunCat & Nano Zinc

SPF 50 & PA+++
Broad Spectrum
Blue Light Protection
Non – Comedogenic
Water & Sweat Resistant
For All Skin Types
Matte Finish| Zero White Cast

Keish’s SunCatch is a hybrid gel sunscreen that is an invisible, ultra-lightweight gel formula that protects, nourishes, moisturizes and gives your skin a beautiful natural finish. This silky-smooth chemical+ Physical sunscreen doubles up as a makeup primer and you can totally use it before doing a Full makeup face.

475.00 inc. GST