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Underarm Brightening Cream [Green Tea + Lemon 🍋]

Exfoliates & even tones the skin under the arms.

Under Arm Brightening Cream Benefits:

  • Prevents Bad odour under the arms
  • Reduces Pigmentation & Even tones
  • Restores Moisture & Nourishes skin
  • Protects skin under arms against harmful UV radiations

KEISH’s underarm brightening cream can also be used for brightening other parts of the body,

    Dark/Pigmented Elbows & knees.
    Dark/Pigmented inner thighs & safe to use as it is fragrance free.
    Dark patches on feet & side of ankles.

KEISH’s brightening cream can be safely used anywhere since it is fragrance & toxin free.

575.00 inc. GST